The Best Bean Bag Chairs For Children of All Ages

You couldn’t walk into a trendy home in the 70’s without seeing at least a couple bean bags sitting around. Today these fun squishy chairs are making a mad comeback in popularity, but they have been redesigned to please parents just as much as children. For instance, the small Styrofoam beads that were originally used to stuff bean bags is now being replaced by memory foam that is just as comfortable but which doesn’t offer the danger of choking for small children. Best Bean Bag Chairs for Adults

Even if they did still use the small Styrofoam beads the chances of children getting a hold of them and choking is drastically reduced today since the bags are made more durable. Some are so well made they come with lifetime warranties!

Some of the most popular materials used to construct the outer bags for bean chairs include microfiber, leather, suede, cotton twill, and khaki. These materials are tougher to stand up to the rough wear of children and many are designed to resist penetration by claws on household pets as well. Microfiber, suede, and khaki also tend to be soft to the touch which adds to the comfort of the bean bag chairs.

There are bean bag chairs perfectly sized to every member of your household. You can find enormous chairs that are comfy for adults well over six feet tall as well as pancake designed bean bag chairs that can be used as beds. You can even get bean bag sofas that are sized very close to actual love seats or sofas in your home right now!

Of course, small bean bag chairs that sit low to the ground for smaller children are available as well today. The difference is bean bag chairs for children are made with shredded memory foam pieces instead of the Styrofoam of the past. Memory foam bounces back into place so it gives the same feel of old style bean bag chairs without going flat with time or risking choking if a child does manage to bust the chair open.

The bean bag chairs kids enjoy today are much more comfortable, highly durable, and completely safe.

If you guessed the bean bag chairs made with memory foam are a lot more expensive than the chairs you remember in your own childhood, you are correct. Memory foam chairs will last year after year, but you can expect to pay as little as $100 or as much as $500 to get a good one. For a couple hundred dollars you can get a chair around four feet tall, with those sized on scale with regular furniture topping out the market in price.

When compared with other types of high quality furniture you realize that bean bag chairs are actually reasonably priced considering their durability and functionality. These are no longer the bean bag chairs you remember from your childhood! They will last for many years rather than a couple months and they will be enjoyed by every member of the family, not just the kids.

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