Stockspace: Brisbane’s Best Metal Shelving Units

We’ve put together a brief overview of what to look for in your metal shelving units, and we’ve found the best metal shelving in Brisbane and Gold Coast areas. Read on for more info!
Where can I find high quality metal shelving in Brisbane?
Stockspace is an online retailer based near Brisbane that sells shelves that are super high quality, durable and built to last. Our dedicated team has performed numerous comparisons between various types of metal shelving units (including Bunnings shelving) has found this local retailer based right on the Gold Coast, just an hour south of Brisbane.

What makes Stockspace metal shelving units so great?
Glad you asked! Read on to learn more about these awesome metal shelving units – the best in Brisbane!
Easy assembly
No tools are required for assembly of Stockspace shelving, allowing for quick, easy and pain-free setup.
Affordable/free delivery
Stockspace offers a super affordable delivery service for all of their shelving products from Rockhampton in QLD to Coffs Harbour in NSW, to qualifying postcodes. The maximum delivery time is only two weeks and one week for local Gold Coast deliveries. You can also pick your items up for free from Southport, where Stockspace is located. The best part is that if you order over $600 in shelving or other storage solutions, delivery is absolutely free.
High quality shelving that won’t break the bank
Stockspace offers durable, sturdy and reliable metal shelving units at super affordable prices.
Safe and sturdy metal shelving
Stockspace metal shelving has a maximum load bearing of 150kg per shelf with reinforced steel hat rails to be fitted as required. The metal shelving units can be bolted to the floor for permanent fixture for warehouse use or left as is for simple garage installation. The fact that these shelving units can be bolted down makes it super safe and eliminates the risk of the shelving unit tipping over possible causing injury.
What distinguishes metal shelving in general from other types of shelving?
Metal shelves are known for being able to hold a substantial amount of weight. Metal shelving is typically a shelving unit made up of rectangular shaped metal shelves with vertical supports each of the shelves’ four corners that extend into support legs. Most metal shelving units include at least four shelving bays.

If you are looking for metal shelving to implement or enhance your storage system – whether it be at home, in a storage unit, at the office, or for your small business – it’s important you know what to look for. We hope you learned a bit about metal shelving and now you know where to buy high quality shelving units that won’t break the bank!

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