Introducing the Top 3 Search Engines

There are hundreds of search engines to utilize; however, there are only a few that are considered to be the “top” search engines. Why is there some search engines considered to be better than the others? Simply because of how well known they are and how much they are used. Pricedrone Shopping

Webmasters want to be listed on the major search engines because they can potentially generate a lot of traffic to them. Searchers tend to go to the major search engines, as they feel they will get more dependable results from their searches, thus resulting in more traffic to websites. The major search engines are generally maintained better and upgraded more often.

Top Three Search Engines


Google: The Beginning
Interestingly enough, Google started off as a project in 1998 at Stanford University by two students, Larry Page and Sergey Brin. This project was called BackRub. It was changed to a new name when the project was purchased by a private company called Google. Amazingly enough, Google is still privately owned today.

Why is Google Considered to be The Top Search Engine?

Google has a reputation as being the most popular search engine. It is a highly recommended crawler based engine that provides more than just web pages. If you use the Google search box, you will be able to locate:

Web pages
Usenet newsgroup discussions
News information
Product searches
And more
Google offers a variety of features, such as:

Cached links that let you revive dead pages or see older versions of those recently changed.
Spell check
Dictionary definitions
Integration of stock quotes
Street maps
Telephone numbers
And more!
You can go to Google’s help page for more information on these features. The Google Toolbar provides easy access to Google and its features. You can access these features right from the Internet Explorer browser.

Introduction to Google’s Paid Services

While Google is known for its excellent free services, it is also well known for its outstanding paid services. Google offers an advertising cost per click program called AdWords, where ads are placed on Google.


Yahoo!: The Beginning

Yahoo! was launched in 1994, and is known as the Internet’s oldest directory. Yahoo! used to be different than Google when it first hit the Internet, as it was a directory, where human editors organized the sites into categories. To keep up with the competition of search engines, they converted over to crawler-based listings in October of 2002.

How Did Yahoo Become Listed in the Top Three?

Generally, when people set up a home page on their computer, they will either choose from Google or Yahoo! It offers excellent search results, and uses tabs above the search box to look for images, yellow page listings or Yahoo’s shopping search engine.

Other services offered by Yahoo!:

Provides latest news, entertainment and sports information
Yahoo! Mail
Yahoo! Finance,
Yahoo! Groups
Yahoo Messenger
Yahoo! Sports
Yahoo! Music
Yahoo! Movies
Yahoo! News
Yahoo! Answers
Yahoo! Games
And more!
Most of the products Yahoo! offers are available in more than 20 languages all over the world! You can visit the Yahoo Search home page to find more specific details on these features being offered. Yahoo! is popular because of all the many features it offers. These are just a few of the many features available through Yahoo!


Ask: The Beginning

Ask became popular in 1998 and 1999 because of its unique ability to answer questions! People would ask questions, and Ask would miraculously answer these questions! You may wonder how this could be possible, as it is only a computer. Technically, Ask was not using technology at all! In fact, when Ask first came out, there were literally about 100 editors who monitored each and every search log. These editors would locate the best sites to match the most popular queries.

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