How To Find An Internet Marketing Mentor Program

The biggest mistake I made in my online marketing business was not finding and learning from a mentor who could teach me and lead me in how to make money online earlier in my online endeavours.
A “making money online millionaire mentor” was what I needed, but I thought it was going to be hard to find, let alone afford to pay for one… online business mastery
Let’s have a look at the definition of a mentor, first. Below is the definition from
1. – a wise and trusted counsellor or teacher.
2. – an influential senior sponsor or supporter.
The above definitions indicate that the mentor is someone experienced in the field of expertise – in this case internet marketing, also called online marketing. If you search for “experienced online marketers” on the internet, you will be overwhelmed by the response of promises you get with a Google search…
So, how do you find someone like this?
When I eventually realised that I was waffling my way around the internet trying to create income from an online business, and that I needed a mentor, I had to go searching for one the same way you would for a mentor in any other field – proper research.
Following on from a usual search engine search about internet marketing programs, the following are the things you need to research about your online marketing mentor when you have reduced your list to about four to six people you have in mind to act as a mentor.
• Read about their personal experiences and try to verify it by a thorough background search.
• Review their products, check their testimonials on their web pages and research even the people who put the testimonials there.
• Read free reviews of their programs – if their programs are very good and they are selling good quality programs to affiliates, chances are that their affiliates and others who have bought their mentoring program, have reviews online.
• Listen to their free videos, audios, podcasts and webinars to get an idea of their personality, their way of communication, their products and their success.
• Check them out on Facebook & Twitter, the more followers they have, the better, but do not stop there. Also check any quotes, reviews or comments posted about them on their pages.
• How do they communicate? This is very important; make sure that you can identify with the way they communicate. For example, if you want a person to be in contact with constantly, you have to find a mentoring program which offers either email, online or phone communication, as opposed to a mentoring program where the mentor goes about communicating with his students as if on a training program.
• Cost? This was a very big point of consideration for me, but I can assure you that you can find a comprehensive, valuable and in depth internet marketing mentoring program for as little as $37 on the internet. Those are mostly off the shelf programs, but if you have patience and a willingness to learn, these programs can be just as good as a one-one mentoring program, which is much more expensive.
• Follow up. A good mentor will follow up on your progress, and monitor your success. This is vital – and objective criticism can work wonders for your online marketing business.
Until a few years ago, you could only learn internet marketing, affiliate marketing and other online businesses by bits and pieces someone else wrote on obscure pages, but now there are complete internet marketing training and mentoring programs available to buy off the shelf from the major digital product retailers.
Whether you opt for an off-the-shelf product or a one-one program with a personal mentor, it is just a question of fitting your needs with what is on offer from online marketing mentor programs.

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