Good quality Digital X-Ray Sensors Devoid of Breaking The Bank

Have a person presently made your judgement about Dexis Platinum?
Precisely why invest 8K$ on Dexis application and 12K$ each detectors on Dexis sensors? Although you may only need a couple of, one in your case and a single for your hygienist the in 32K$ in computer software and sensors and next should shell out a further $3, 600 annually with regard to your Dexis sensor support.
If you look at a 2 sensor Dexis package, and Dexis Graphic over 5 years that could run you somewhere around $46, 400. Then you nonetheless will need computers, annual Dentrix assist of $2400, client screens and intraoral cams.
By Comparison lets look in MyRay. MyRay sensors appear with a 5 various yr warranty. The MyRay Zen Kit with two detectors and front trim corners is $14, 890 it already has a a few year extended warranty and is going to not want additional support payments.
Paired with Apteryx Xray Perspective one of the most popular imaging software options in dental together with the most widely acceptable computer software working with just about every single sensor manufacturer other than Dexis and having a great bridge to every training supervision solution.
If anyone doubt the image quality check it out beneath as well as call for some sort of trial.
Consequently comfort and image quality apart, and I put them aside if you haven’t had a good test you certainly can’t say Dexis is better right? And demos are free. Soooo give this a try.
Xray Eye-sight despite their terrible site has already been around a long long time, they are usually made use of as the military’s imaging program solution, that they have an excellent the usage to Dentrix, from often the data you are just one mouse click aside to Xray Vision plus the best thing about that is that you can use it with every single sensor, video camera and pano except with regard to Dexis.
So it’s your selection:
Dexis with 2 Receptors and Dexis Image around 5 years with Support: $46, 400
digital x ray
Or MyRay 2 Sensors, Xray Vision Imaging Software with 5 various decades of Support: $18, 250 So someone make sure you make clear it to us. Somebody help me know the reason why folks use Dexis.
I’ve heard this debate that it “integrates fully with Dentrix”, Dexis Image is still a absolutely different program from Dentrix and then you run a good Dexis-Dentrix Integrator that combines these people which all the fact that means is a little Dexis windowpane shows up in your Dentrix chart. When you attempt to actually view the graphics or edit them that starts up Dexis Image. Together with Xray vision you own a button when a person are in the Dentrix Information you click the particular button plus this opens up the patient within Xray Vision and tells you their images and Xrays.

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