Driveway Gates

Driveways are private land that that leads to a group of structures or a single one. The path may be for public use or it may not. Driveways are not patrolled by road regulations like speed limits or traffic lights however commercial ones may have recommended limits and signs posted to help improve overall safety as the driveway may be busy. Due to the investment that the owner may want to put into the driveway and the lack of regulations because it is private land, driveways may be rather decorative and often have large gates at the entrance. The gate serves 2 purposes; first and foremost to keep unwanted visitors out and secondly to show that the land is private. Read more about gate repair Portland OR

Gates for driveways vary greatly and can be manufactured in a range of materials. Farms often have large gates at their entrance usually made from wood they stop people getting in but also keep the animals from getting out. Private estates are often where you will see the most dramatic gates, these people have the money to spend on it and the driveway gate is the first thing anyone will see, if it is grand it will make a good impression.

They are usually constructed of metal and some are even gold plated, they can be accessed by key or key card and some have door entry systems where people will have to press a buzzer and talk through a speaker to the owner in order for the gate to open and access to be granted.

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