A Weezer-themed island has appeared in Fortnite … for some reason

Fortnite isn’t any stranger to brand collaborations. The global’s biggest game teamed up with the arena’s biggest movie franchise for a one-of-a-kind Thanos sport mode; that changed into quite cool. Electronic musician Marshmello once held an in-game live performance in Fortnite, a mixture that makes best experience given the visible overlap in audiences. Today, although, Epic Games has launched the most baffling combination of 2019 so far: Weezer and Fortnite. livestream overlay
In addition to introducing a new volcano-crammed season to the sector, Epic Games has also placed a jukebox on a Creative Mode island that handiest plays Weezer songs. The collaboration is probably meant to promote it Weezer’s 2019 albums, referred to as The Teal Album and The Black Album, however on the other hand, you can actually’t assist however ask: Why?
Here’s a principle. Resident Weezer nerd and Polygon information editor Allegra Frank explains that being a Weezer fan way “having a quite inextricable, and at instances inexplicable, connection to a plaintively inclined soul.” And few video game genres make you greater inclined than struggle royale games.
But even taking that into consideration: Can you believe an army of nine-12 months-olds flossing to “Buddy Holly”? Okay, perhaps I can photo the “Take The L” emote playing over “Say It Ain’t So.” And, it’s also well worth noting that Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo seems to tweet approximately Fortnite plenty. That’s possibly how this collaboration took place within the first region.
I’ll give Fortnite one aspect, although: This remains less bizarre than the time that Destiny teamed up with Paul McCartney.

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