Understand Your Credit Card Minimum Payment

Ideally I’m sure we’d all love to help out a charity of our choice, but the fact is, for many of us cash is limited! However this is where a charity credit card comes in to play! A charity card will allow you to give, without making a dent in your wallet. Using a reward scheme similar to those on Cashback credit cards, the cardholder earns a small percentage of each purchase, which is then donated to the charity. Marktplatz für Drogen
This method of giving is great for those of us who would like to make a contribution but cant stretch a pay cheque far enough. Not to mention the benefits to the chosen charities! The percentage the charity will receive isn’t huge, in fact its quite tiny, but when you consider just how many thousands of credit card transactions there are every second, you can quickly become aware of the benefits.
Generally the major credit card providers co-brand their charity cards with a specific charity choice. For example the World Wildlife Fund, Cancer Research or Childline for example. This means the cardholder can help support their preferred charity and be sure of where the donations are actually ending up.
However, don’t forget that a charity credit card is still a credit card and as such, is designed to make money! Don’t let your judgement become clouded when comparing different cards. It’s pointless having a charity card that will cost you more in interest and charges than the donations it generates! Exploiting human guilt and conscience has been a favoured charity tactic for many years, quite successfully at that! So do ensure that your card choice will benefit both you and your chosen charity before opening a card. You can find out more about

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