There are so many design styles to choose from when you are decorating a home

or a cabin however one of the most fun, unique and creative design styles is Rustic. There are so many unique and fun design ideas that you can do with Rustic Decor. You can decorate a bedroom, dining room, living room or even a bathroom with rustic decor Family Tree

One of the easiest and best places to start is the bedroom because there are lots of different rustic beds to choose from.. There are very simple designs, there are more woodsy designs and there are very elaborate designs. When you are searching for a rustic bed it is also important to make sure you find a bed that fits in your room, don’t buy a bed that will be way too large for your room and don’t buy a bed that will look too small and get lost in the room. Once you have your log bed picked out it is time to start looking for matching rustic bedroom furniture. Be sure to find something that compliments the size and style of bed you choose. It is then fun to look for some rustic decor like a fun wilderness lamp along with some rustic decor items that again complement your style of bed and bedroom furniture. Finding a nice rustic picture is a great way to start a theme in a bedroom. Maybe you want to make the master suite into a “bears den”.

The next really fun place to decorate is a dining room. There are a ton of different rustic dining tables, chairs and dining room furniture to choose from. If you are looking for a more simple design you might be interested in pine log furniture if you want a more rustic but stylish design try finding some rustic hickory furniture. There are then many accessory items to choose from. Looking for a fancy table runner and place mats that will match your dinnerware. Try to find a pattern that does not repeat too often or that has more solid colors so that your kitchen does not look so cluttered and busy all the time. There are also a lot of Rustic Decor signs, kitchen towels, and knickknacks to decorate your kitchen and dining room with.

Another exciting room to decorate with rustic decor is the living or family room. If you have a fireplace consider adding a log mantle to bring in the woodsy feel, then either buy a log futon set that has a rustic futon cover or buy a rustic style couch. When decorating in a living or family room it is best to usually look for very simple patterns or look for very bold and solid color fabrics. These solid or simple fabrics will help create a more relaxed and casual living room.

The last room that you can decorate with rustic decor in a bathroom. As tiny as most bathrooms are there some really fun rustic decor items that you can buy. First you can buy a rustic log bathroom vanity this is completely built out of wood and trimmed with wood logs to give it a more rustic look. These vanities can also be built with a solid wood top to offer a ton more character to this already unique vanity. The wood vanity top is coated with a clear liquid glass finish to give more strength and durability. Once you have a rustic vanity it is fun to decorate with rustic towels, soap dispensers, shower curtains and a few rustic pictures.

Rustic Decor is so much fun to work with and if you have some time and are creative you can make some of the rustic decor items yourself by just taking a hike in the woods and visiting a local craft store to spruce up your items. The possibilities are endless with rustic decor just keep your eyes open and you will surely find some items you like.

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