The New Facebook: 7 Privacy Concerns About the Open Graph

Does it ever marvel you simply how nicely Facebook seems to recognize you? It’s nearly like the commercials are created only for you. Facebook collects lots of information approximately its customers through any apps you pick to apply, such as video games. The most effective way to avoid this completely is to prevent the usage of those apps. The new Open Graph on Facebook makes it important with the intention to personalize your privacy settings with a view to limit how much of your facts is positioned out there.
Here, we will observe seven belongings you likely didn’t recognize Facebook knows approximately you. The social network makes use of this statistics to have interaction with advertisers as well as your long listing of buddies.
1) Where you’ve got been. It’s very commonplace for us to add our area on every occasion we add a new put up, especially if we’re out with pals. One of the new Timeline capabilities on Facebook is the “Map” which presentations your check-ins, images, activities, and so forth. If you’re the use of Facebook in your cellular smartphone or another tool, then your location is shared. If a friend takes your picture on a cellphone this is GPS-enabled and stocks and tags that photograph, then that records is also going to be shared.
2) Who you are sneaking peaks at. Almost every body we have interacted with for your lifestyles can be found on Facebook. From time to time, it may be tempting to see if an antique flame is seeing someone or what your excessive faculty weigh down has been doing. But all of sudden these people are showing up in your feed. Why? Because Facebook has been watching in which you creep and assumes which you want to know about the ones human beings, so the data shows up.
3) Where you’re going this weekend. Not only can we broadcast our plans to pals and family on Facebook by using posting approximately it, however even clicking on classified ads or RSVPing to occasions on Facebook can permit human beings understand what you’re doing. The “Sponsored Stories” vicinity to your web page will inform your pals if you “Like” some thing or are attending an occasion that they sponsor. This is performed with a view to get extra human beings concerned. You are basically turning into a brand ambassador.
4) What you’ve been studying. 그래프게임 하는방법, The Washington Post now has a Social Reader, as do other web sites, like Yahoo. If you click on to read an editorial and it asks you to allow the app to access your facts, you likely clicked “allow” and didn’t deliver it a second concept. When you read an editorial, it shows up on your buddies’ timelines. So now, any other time you read an editorial through such a web sites, people are going to recognise! So, if you wanted to read the cutting-edge article approximately the Kardashians, be organized to have all people to your list know your secret disgrace.
5) Where you pass jogging. If you are an avid runner, chances are you have used the Runkeeper app. This follows your route via GPS and shares that info to the timeline. But, what if you forget to turn it off? Then humans ought to comply with you around for the complete day and understand your each circulate. Scary.
6) That you’re dishonest on your eating regimen. In partnership with Runkeeper is the Fitbit. These tools were designed to assist maintain you influenced on your health routines, but at what price? Information which you would as a substitute now not percentage approximately your health successes and failures gets blasted for your Facebook pals.
7) What you are listening to. Spotify is a new song app that has partnered with Facebook. Users should sign up with their Facebook account, letting your friends know what you concentrate to during the day. They do offer a “Private Listening” mode now for folks that do not want their listening behavior shared with the arena, however it ought to be selected on every occasion you begin listening.
Are you worried about privacy when it comes to Facebook? What are your biggest privacy issues? Share with us!

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