Spanish Property Glossary

Many dream of purchasing property in Spain and some people even make their way towards that dream. Language issues may be daunting but don’t let that get in the way; Spanish is not a particularly difficult language and many English speakers already reside in Spain Limpieza de Alfombras a Domicilio, so you really won’t be completely in the dark.

Whether you have a firm grasp on Spanish as a language, or no grasp at all, there will be terms that you will come across when buying property in Spain which you most likely will not know, but surely will need to know. Here, so, for your convenience, is a glossary list of useful terms when buying property in Spain.

Acuerdo – Agreement

Abogado – Lawyer

Adosado – Semi-detached house or terraced house

Aire Acondicionado – Air-conditioning

Alfombra – Carpet

Amueblado – Furnished

Aparcamiento – Parking

Assesoria Economica/Contable – Accountant

Balcon – Balcony

Baño – Bath/WC

Calefacción central – Central heating

Casa unifamiliar – Detached house

Casita – Cottage

Certificado registral – Certificate showing debts attaching to a property

Cocina – Kitchen

Comedor – Dining room

Compraventa Private – Property sales contract

Cuarto de Bano – Bathroom

Dormitorio – Bedroom

Ducha – Shower

Edificio – Building

El campo – The countryside

Escritura – Deeds of ownership

Finca – Farm house or small estate

Garaje – Garage

Gas Butano – Butane gas often used for cooking and water heating

Gestoría – Firm specialised in obtaining official authorisations, permits, licences, etc…

Habitación – A Room

Hipoteca – Mortgage

Inmobiliaria/agente – Estate agent


Jardin – Garden

Libro del edificio – Documents from the promoter when building is finished

Licencia de obra – Building permission

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