Optimum Whey Protein – Review

In this review I purpose to spotlight the Pro’s and Con’s of Optimum a hundred% Whey Protein complement and evaluate the product to others in the cutting-edge market.
Pro’s: protein bars
Optimum Whey Protein carries a proprietary blend of four specialized and particularly active timed launch proteins. These Include
– Ultra-filtered Whey Protein Concentrate
– HydroWhey Hydrolyzed Whey Peptides
– Ion-Exchange Whey Protein Isolates
– Microfiltered Whey Protein Isolates
This is a mix of very speedy performing and moderate appearing Proteins. The Benefit of this being
– The slower appearing proteins prevent catabolism (muscle breakdown)
– The faster performing proteins boom anabolism (muscle constructing)
Optimum one hundred% Whey Protein additionally consists of Glutamine and BCAA’s.
– Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid inside the frame and works as an anti- catabolic agent
– BCAA’s growth nitrogen retention which ends up in better pumps inside the fitness center and decreased recovery time.
Optimum Whey Protein comes in ten excellent flavours:
Extreme Milk Chocolate
French Vanilla Creme
Gold Standard Banana Cream
Gold Standard Chocolate Mint
Gold Standard Cookies N’ Cream
Gold Standard Delicious Strawberry
Gold Standard Double Rich Chocolate
Gold Standard Rocky Road
Gold Standard Tropical Punch
Gold Standard Vanilla Ice Cream
Optimum Whey Protein has become a very famous product not entirely because of it’s excessive nice ingredients but also it is wonderful taste. The “Cookies N’ Cream” flavour is broadly notion of because the best tasting protein in the marketplace and from private revel in I’d need to agree (yum!).
Well the most effective terrible I can consider is that some humans thought the vanilla flavours have been a chunk bland:
Gold Standard Vanilla Ice Cream
French Vanilla Crème
Personally I can’t vouch for this as I’ve best tried Cookies N’ Cream however it is the handiest bad comments I’ve found.
Compared to other Products on the Market:
– Optimum a hundred% Whey Protein has won “Best Supplement of the Year” and “Best Protein Powder of the Year” at Bodybuilding.Com for two years running 2005&2006
– It carries more Whey Protein Isolates (WPI) that’s the purest and most costly shape of protein available
– Optimum Whey Protein includes a better percent of protein standard than it’s competition
– Contains a digestive enzyme for absorption that is absent in maximum different protein dietary supplements
– Better tasting than maximum different protein supplements on the market
Well I don’t usually deliver this sort of one sided sparkling assessment, however Optimum one hundred% whey protein is a high excellent and well rounded product, prevailing bodybuilding.Com awards in 2005&2006 for good reason. The three essential motives being:
1. Comprized of extraordinarily excessive quality components tailor-made to effectively growth anabolism and halt catabolism
2. Very properly priced for such a excessive overall performance product
three. It tastes first rate!
Overall score: 9/10
The Author of this text is a bodybuilder and health & fitness enthusiast.
If you would really like to try Optimum one hundred% whey protein for your self, you may observe the link here: Optimum Whey Protein

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