Online Security Threats and their Solutions

Online security threats can pose a huge problem if we do not take adequate measures against them, such as losing our sensitive or personal information and data to strangers. So it is very important to protect ourselves from cyber-crimes that exist and more important to know the threats are out there. Below are somemalicious threats and ways VPN can fight them off.
Examples of security threats:
The list shows the common viruses and threats that affect Internetsecurity.

  • Malware or Malicious Software: It is the computer program, or a scriptused for the purpose of controlling or penetrating computer without the consent of the user. Such programs not only steal your data fromyour computer or mobile devices but also distort the Internet speed. Types of malware are spyware, Trojans, worms and viruses.
  • Data Vampires: Ever wondered why you receivemessages and emails about the things you have just searched on websites or on search engines it is because ofdata sniffing websitescollects information with our knowledge from our ISPs and social media platforms and sell it to third parties.
  • Censorship: Freedom of speech is everyone right and not a privilege but governments try to controlfree speech, restrictswebsites and apps they don’t want people to access.
  • Geo-blocking: Some online websites and online services use a field of magical force to control what you see online. Limiting users of certain locations from accessing sites.
  • HijackersHijackers tries to find the loophole in our security and exploits that gap in the security by hacking into our systems and install codes. A few Botnets is one tool used by hijackers to collect the processing power.
  • Spying eyes: It is getting, butit is a known fact that there are a lot of ISPs that spy on our browsing activities and sell them to marketing companies.
  • Hackers: Then there are hackers who hack in to the computer and control our devicesor make them malfunction.

VPN as the solution
Now let us talk about the solution to online security problems. I have used CASVPN and ExpressVPN and have had a great experience using both of them, although CASVPN were proactive when comes to providing support services. These premium VPN’s offers multiple serverspread all around the world.The benefit of using a remote server, for an ISP, is that it hides our true IP addresses and location there by eliminating the threat posed by Government Censorship, Spy eyes, hijackers and hackers will be unaware of your actual location, also it will be difficult to track you back. We become invisible to them and anonymous to the government and internet world.
Virtual Private Network or VPN also provide the perfect solution to online security threats by implementing proper encryptions to our data we share online. CASVPN and ExpressVPN offers military grade 256-bit AES encryption technology. That ensures no data gets leaked (i.e. Personal information and activities) and protecting us from data sniffing websites or data vampires. The servers that the premium VPN’s offers eliminates scans and detects all the malware, spyware, Trojan horses or viruses at their end and eliminate them so they never reach our system. CASVPN and ExpressVPN comes with the Firewall security system that protects your data online many corporations have alreadyimplementedVPNs as they have a lot of sensitive data and files that they have to protect at all cost.
VPN is a great way to protect ourselves from cyber-attacks and all the viruses that exist although premium VPN’s comes with the price but security should be our priority and this investment pays dividends as we can be in peace while using internet. I would recommend CASVPN as they have a huge network of servers and they are super-fastfor browsing and along with their user-friendly website and easy setup and installation process it becomes the ideal option for users.

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