MSN Bicycle – Best Free Poker Game

I admit I love Texas Hold ‘Em poker, along with millions of others. My addiction comes cheaply, as I indulge it mostly through online poker games using fake money. I’ve tried all the big name poker sites and found the games rather unexciting, as players can bet every last chip on a ridiculously bad hand, lose everything and immediately return with a fresh stack of chips DewaQQ. Unrealistic betting is the biggest flaw of all fake money poker games, as there’s nothing like risking real funds to make us think through our every move.

That said, sit and go games are the least challenging, while tournament type games where players have a limited stack of chips and one player wins it all, offer the most excitement. My favorite fantasy poker tournament game is Bicycle Texas Hold ‘Em, proffered by MSN Games. The game has fun animations and sounds and ranks players based on their finish in each game played.

It does have its defects, however. It more often than not marks you as disconnected when you’re eliminated, unless you finish first or second. If you finished third in the game, such a disconnect will lose you the points and reduce your overall fake money winnings. The only way to prevent that from happening is to not click the exit button. This will also allow to watch the final outcome of the game, the only time you can do that without actually playing. The bug has been around for years and it’s doubtful they’ll ever fix it. Disconnects also happen with frequency if you don’t have a reliable high speed connection, which could result in your winning pile of chips going to waste and your overall rating possibly taking a big dip.

Bad players will usually have an aggregate score of under 1800, while good ones typically have 2000 or higher. When you first sign-up to play this game, you’ll start with 1600 points and you’ll face the worst bunch of opponents for a while, who’ll bluff and go all-in with insane frequency. The best way to handle those is to let them kill each other off first. Finishing third or better will increase your rating, while fourth won’t change it, and fifth or worse will reduce it. Your goal should be to never finish worse than fourth.

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