How to Log Into Linksys Router and Change Existing Password

A password is an important security and authentication tool for networking. Through it, there is the assurance that your personal data and information are being protected. In using the Linksys router, it is also important to have the essential validation and verification of a username and password. There are times when you may want to make some changes to the configuration for reasons like security breach or it could be that there are other people accessing your wireless network. Then it is time you get to know how to log into Linksys router and alter your existing password especially the protection has been compromised. http //
How to log into Linksys router to carry out the changes? You need to access the router’s web-based setup page. Open a web browser and type in the URL <a target=”_new” rel=”nofollow” href=”″><a> in the address bar as this is the common IP address. There will a prompt for username and password. Key in your existing ones and log in. Once you enter in the setup page, click on ‘Administration’ tab. Next, choose the ‘Management’ tab and click on it. Type in another preferred new password in the ‘Password’ space on the page. Retype the new password in the space ‘Re-enter to confirm’. After that, click on ‘Save Settings’ to finish up the amendments. Once you do this, the other computers that are link to the router by using the old password will lose its connectivity. Therefore you have to make sure the other users know about the resetting and changing of password.
If you are in the office or in a public setting other than a home, always inform the other computer users who are utilising the same router about the changing of password or resetting configuration. A formal memo or an authorised e-mail could help them to be prepared and decrease more problems arise from the post-setting up process.

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