Finding Artisan Woodcrafters is Hard But Worth the Effort

The success of the big box stores selling patio furniture has let to the decline of smaller, artisan companies. These small companies, many are family run, simply cannot compete against the large home stores. These small, artisans patio furniture companies can still be found, but finding them is becoming harder and harder.

Many of these companies produce hand made, quality outdoor furniture made from Cedar, Redwood, Poplar, Cherry and more. Outdoor furniture from the big box stores are always made in China. The quality is average and everyone including your neighbors have them. Patio furniture made by these companies are usually available only in the local cities and towns where they are located. You can be assured that the products you get are one of a kind artisan furniture

The best way to find these companies is to look at local phone directories, manufacturer indexes and other websites. Most of these directories are online or available at a public library. Other methods include looking in local, regional magazines in the classified ads, image adds and in local newspapers. Once you find a company, check to see if these companies have a website and give them a call or look at their website. The best companies are the ones that are pretty established locally but do not have a wide web presence.

Once you find the right company, how do you know if you are getting quality for a good price? Is there an easier way to find these small, artisan craftsmen? This information and more can be found at the website below.

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