Can Surgery Truly Make You Taller And Is It Worth The Danger?

In the present day modern society tall individuals seem to have an edge over the short ones and for that reason, those who are short are always looking out for ways to increase their height. If you have been wondering how to increase your height, then you should know that there are several methods available today but you will need to study them carefully before choosing the right one. Methods that are holistic and natural are harmless and inexpensive to us. Doing stretching workouts on a regular basis, eating good nutritious diet, breathing the right way and having good refreshing sleep every night are some of the natural ways that could help you to increase your height. Read more about limb lengthening

If you are trying to increase your height because you think you are too short then you might have looked into surgery to make you taller. Though surgery method will help to increase height, this method is least recommended. This kind of surgery can be quite expensive and necessitates you to spend a lot of time in the hospital both for the operations as well as for the recuperative period of up to a year. You will not be able to get any benefit from the health insurance agencies for this surgery treatment because it is regarded as a elective cosmetic surgery treatment. This surgical procedure could be very painful that most medical facilities that perform it expect you to undergo a psychological assessment test so they can decide if you are capable of withstanding the intense pain of the operation and the extended recuperation period. Surgery to make you taller can give you, at best, a few extra inches but those inches come at a terrible cost physically, mentally and financially.

Surgery to make you taller is known as distraction osteogenesis in medical terms. This surgical treatment is used to elongate the long bones of the body. The bones are split in to two pieces and a gap is created between the two pieces with the purpose that new bone develops between them. There are many risks and complications associated with this surgical treatment and it could even lead to formation of ugly scars. This procedure may cost somewhere around $20,00 which is only for the treatment, not including the costs for hospital stay.

The vast majority of medical doctors discourage people from getting cosmetic lengthening of bones in order to increase their height for a number of good reasons. Doctors do not like to break a limb that is perfectly functional. Being confined to wheelchair or moving around with the help of crutches for about a year seems very impractical and pointless. The idea of putting up with such extreme pain and discomfort just for cosmetic enhancement itself seems meaningless. Doctors do not want to risk the life of the patient unnecessarily as there are chances of the patient developing complications such as nerve damage or even embolism which may lead to death. Most medical facilities that will undertake the procedure insist that a psychological assessment of the potential patient is first carried out to find out if the procedure is truly psychologically necessary.

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