Aweber Vs GetResponse 2014 Review

In this article, I wanted to compare Aweber vs GetResponse.

One of the biggest tools for any internet business is an autoresponder. It’s normally the first tool people purchase, but there are so many great autoresponder providers out there, which one should you choose? pros and cons of getresponse

There are ton’s of companies out there to choose from, for example, there’s iContact, ConstantContact, Aweber, GetResponse, Mailchimp, Infusionsoft, Office Autopilot, SendPepper and many more, I won’t list them all because I’ll be here all day!:)

All of these companies are great, they do awesome work and provide a great service. However for me, there are two stand out companies that I’d recommend to anyone, especially if you’re new to this whole internet business world.

I have had personal experience with Aweber and GetResponse. I have used both of these autoresponder providers and they’re both great but which one is the best?

Here’s my Aweber vs GetResponder review:

Aweber is a fantastic tool and probably the most recognized out of the two. It’s very user friendly and has awesome deliverability! The great thing about Aweber is, you have the ability to easily connect your account to many different apps and services free of charge. Aweber probably offers the most available app connections than any other company. However the downside to Aweber is, it has very limited automation capabilities. If you’re like me and you heavily rely on high performing email marketing, you’ll probably be looking for more chances to automate your email marketing. For instance, it’s a lot harder to move prospects from list to list and you may find yourself having to invest in other software to help you do that. But If you’re just starting out and automation isn’t that much of a big deal to you, Aweber would be a great choice.

The second company out of this Aweber vs GetResponse battle is…

… Well it’s GetResponse, obviously! 🙂

GetResponse is the autoresponder that I’m currently using. Unlike Aweber it offers far more automation for your money and when you’re a serial email marketer that’s important. It also (in my opinion) has better deliverability and has a nicer look and feel, which although doesn’t provide results for your business it does give you the feel good factor when your email marketing system looks as sharp as GetResponse does. But moving back to the automation, GetResponse gives you the opportunity to send emails out email based on different objectives and outcomes, for example: Birthdays, when a link is clicked, when someones data has changed, when they open an email, when they subscribe, when a goal has been reached etc. It’s much more powerful when it comes to automation than Aweber. And again, in my opinion, I have seen a far greater increase in deliverability using GetResponse than I did when I used Aweber and that’s crucial.

Also one minor niggle, when I was using Aweber I found the site to be extremely slow very often. When I’d go to edit an email, it would take a while for the email to open. Whereas I haven’t had this problem with GetResponse.

So, who wins the battle of my Aweber vs GetResponse 2014 Review?

Well, if I’m truthful, both companies offer tremendous services and I am certain you will be happy with either one. But if I had to advise you on my own experience, I would point you more towards GetResponse because I have been extremely happy with the service they have provided me from start to finish.

But if you decide to go against me and choose Aweber, you’ll be getting an awesome autoresponder service as well.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, the whole Aweber vs GetResponse depends on your needs and your wants. You may prefer Aweber and that’s cool. I preferred GetResponse and I’d recommend them to you.

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