4 Levels of Sharing

Everyone has some thing to percentage. However, something that is straightforward so one can SHAREit won’t be smooth for me. Therefore, there are numerous degrees for sharing. Here I introduce four tiers: comfortable, conditional, unconditional, and religious sharing. We can be within the comfy area in a single location of our life but inside the non secular sector in any other area. Let’s explore the characteristics of every level.
Comfortable sharing
The cozy stage is positioned in our consolation region in which we are able to easily contribute something with out being uncomfortable. This is the fundamental degree. Almost every person has some thing to offer at this level. For example, after I have sufficient meals, I am secure sharing it with my pals. Or after I have enough cash, I am comfy sharing it to a positive stage with individuals who are terrible.
The relaxed area of sharing for people is distinct and depends on their comfort zone. For instance, whilst giving much less than $a thousand for a purpose is probably smooth for one man or woman, it could now not be as cozy for another man or woman. Hence, if giving to a positive volume is comfy for you, do not assume the identical consolation region of sharing from others. People can also get uncomfortable whilst you ask them to make a contribution past their consolation area until they may be at better levels. Don’t push people out of their comfy sharing zones. You need to prepare them and provide them enough motives which will take them beyond their consolation zones.
Conditional sharing
This is the second one stage at which humans are inclined to move past their secure sharing zone however conditionally. They have their personal agendas for giving to others. In different phrases, they make contributions with expectation. They provide something and surely count on some thing else in return. And in the event that they do not get what they anticipate in return, they get disenchanted and do not percentage subsequent time.
This is the level the majority live at. They do no longer percentage something out of their comfort zones except there’s some type of reward awaiting them. This is the level in which our ego does not let us supply unconditionally. For example, if I proportion my know-how with my colleagues and count on to get a advertising due to that, I am conditionally sharing my information. Or if I deliver $10,000 for a cause and expect the charity enterprise to mention my call and thank me for doing that, I am conditionally sharing.
Unconditional sharing
This is the third degree wherein we provide without any expectation in go back. We percentage unconditionally for the betterment of our enterprise. We make a contribution without our very own schedule. This type of sharing is sincerely tough due to the fact we need to get our ego out of the way. It is hard due to the fact we have to pass manner past our relaxed area.
At this degree, despite the fact that we do not assume some thing in go back we realize that the result of our sharing is again to us in one manner or some other. Authentic leaders are ordinarily at this level in which they supply their people what they are able to with a glad heart unconditionally. They are like a mom who offers her love unconditionally to her children. The mother does not count on anything in return from her children but she is aware of that she can see the ripple results of her unconditional love later. How? It does not depend.
As a leader, contribute unconditionally however do now not expect them to offer unconditionally like you. You can encourage them to percentage without expectation thru your moves, behaviors, and emotions. But this doesn’t come speedy and without problems. It takes time and calls for you to grow to be a function version of unconditional sharing for your human beings.
Spiritual sharing
This is the very best stage. Spiritual sharing is all about giving in abundance. Like the Sun this is continually giving its power with the universe, at this degree one becomes the supply for giving what he has in abundance with individuals who are in want. There is not any resistance, no situation, and no ego. It is simply giving with joy and unconditional love like God.
True leaders who percentage on the spiritual degree serve humanity thru their thoughts, words, and actions at the same time as they may be fully soul conscious. They proportion their presence and the beauty inside with the world. Like God, they supply their bliss and eternal awareness with folks who are looking for bliss and everlasting awareness. Like an ocean, they share their godly love through their face and coronary heart. By searching at their face and touching their hearts, they remodel people. Reaching to this stage of sharing isn’t clean. There are only few of such leaders in the global. When a frontrunner shares at the religious stage he or she can have thousands and thousands of followers. They do not push or maybe need humans to comply with them. Rather humans love to comply with them.
I propose which you study approximately religious leaders like Buddha, Brahma Baba… And learn the way they shared and are sharing their lives with humanity. Learning about such awesome souls can help us end up greater true and sell our sharing level from cozy to spiritual. Choose one as your non secular mentor and imbibe what they say in your each day lifestyles. Soon, you will observe how speedy your management will be transformed for the betterment of the humanity.
Depending at the situation a selected stage of sharing can be greater appropriate than others. For instance, while sharing kindness may be on the religious degree, collaboration between businesses might be desired to be a conditional sharing where the parties concerned gain from what they percentage via receiving what they expect based totally on the negotiations and agreements.
Always recollect to invite your self these two questions when confronted with an possibility for sharing:
First query: What degree of sharing do I select for this situation?
Second question: Can I take my desired sharing level for this case to a better degree?
Kamran Akbarzadeh, Ph.D.,PMP,CDC
Founder of Dream Achievers Academy
Author of Leadership Soup

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