3 Great Features of Remote Control Garage Doors

The garage can provide a vital addition to our homes. It is a little outhouse where we can commence our handyman activities, store our excess possessions, and park our vehicles. With technology advancing as rapidly as it has in recent years, the traditional garage door is slowly becoming a thing of the past. The pioneering garage technology nowadays has seen a swift rise of electric garages in homes all across the country. If you are curious as to what advantages these garage doors offer, then read on… Read more about Jupiter garage door repair


In an era where crime rates have exploded through the roof we all need to be taking extra cautious measures in protecting our goods. Traditional garages do little to deter thieves and keep them away from our possessions. Out of all the burglaries and break-ins that are committed, a large majority are on garages. This is simply due to the fact that garages are easier to penetrate than other premises. Locks on traditional garages can easily be picked and manipulated by thieves allowing easy entry. Remote control garage doors have taken this into consideration and have abolished locks all together. Instead, the locking is controlled by the remote and electric motor, leaving thieves with little scope for breaking and entering.


We all love convenience. Whether it’s having the world at your fingertips via the internet or your smart phone, or ordering take away because we can’t be bothered to go to the shop, convenience is… well… convenient. The good news is that remote controlled garage doors provide the pinnacle of convenience. The door can be operated with a simple flick of a button and often the remotes can work from a distance. This is perfect for closing your garage door when you’re in the garden or a room in your house. It’s also perfect for when you’re driving home from work, as there’s no need to get out of your car to lift a heavy garage door. Instead, press a button and the electric motor does the rest.


This is another fantastic feature of remotely controlled garages. For many of us, space is something we could definitely do with more of. The longer we stay in our homes, the more and more assets and possessions we build up. Eventually, we run out of space and run the risk of cluttering up our garage or homes. As electric garage doors fold neatly away into a top box they provide a great deal of extra space for your garage. You’ll have plenty of room to stash items in your roof and you’ll have extra height clearance for manoeuvring objects into and out of your garage.

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